80% of women with an unexplained infertility diagnosis can conceive naturally. 

Join 20+ doctors, researchers, and women's healthcare experts for real answers to "unexplained infertility," learn about restorative options to conceive naturally, and avoid invasive, expensive procedures like IUI and IVF.

During the Unexplained Infertility Summit, You'll Learn:

  • The effective, non-invasive medical approach to finding root causes of infertility

  • The truth about AMH and how you can still get pregnant with very low numbers

  • How to evaluate actual effectiveness rates of IVF compared to a restorative approach

  • The role of progesterone and how to advocate for meaningful testing

  • How to turn back the clock and improve egg quality in just a few cycles

  • Plus support for cycle charting, lifestyle changes, stress relief, navigating the emotional roller coaster, and more.

The most common causes of infertility are easily found and treated. Your doctor may not know how to do this, because shockingly it's not taught in medical schools.


"Unexplained infertility" is a failure to understand and discover a root cause. 


It's a non-answer and women deserve better.

Learn how you can uncover and treat the root cause of infertility, avoid invasive, expensive procedures, and have a healthier body and pregnancy.

Sessions + Speakers

Dr. Craig Turczynski

Former IVF Provider, Director of planning and development, Billings Ovulation Method Association-USA

Former IVF Doctor Shares an Inside Look

A behind the scenes look at the process of IVF, why one doctor left in favor of a restorative approach. Dr. Craig also discusses what the effectiveness rates shared by IVF clinics really mean.

Dr. Elisa Yao

Functional Medicine Physician

Founder of Fertility Breakthru Academy


How To Improve Egg Quality In Just A Few Cycles

Learn the difference between quantity and quality, where egg quality health actually occurs, and how you can begin improving it right now.

Dr. Monique Ruberu

NaProTECHNOLOGY Medical Consultant

Natural Womens Health LLC

The NaProTECHNOLOGY Approach to Unexplained Infertility

Learn how this women's health science uses cycle-targeting diagnostic testing to uncover root causes of infertility.

Dr. Martin Owen

Founder and CMO, Vitae Medical Solutions

What is Restorative Reproductive Medicine?

Learn about this approach to women's health that seeks to restore or optimize natural function without suppressing or bypassing the problem.

Natalie Masson, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist & Fertility Coach

Fertility From the Soul

When "Just Relax" Doesn't Cut It

Three types of meditation to calm your mind and body to boost your fertility and help you conceive naturally.


Amy Beckley

Ph.D., Pharmacology

Founder & Inventor of Proov Test

The Importance of Progesterone

Progesterone plays a vital role, even before conception occurs. Learn about the timeline of this vital hormone and how to make sure your body is producing enough. 

Melissa Buchan

Neo Fertility Advisor

Founder, Virtus Fertility Care LLC

Chart Neo Developer

Cycle Charting:

Your Powerful Diagnostic Map

Learn how methodically charting your cycle empowers both you and your healthcare provider through the process of uncovering the root cause of infertility.


Dr. Phil Boyle

Founder, Neo Fertility

The Truth About Reduced Ovarian Reserve and AMH

If you have been told that you have too few eggs and your only hope is IVF, this session is for you. Learn what AMH really means and how you can conceive naturally even with very low numbers.

Kela Smith

Fertility and Hormones Coach

Author of The Hormone Puzzle Method-Solving Infertility

Overcoming Fertility Challenges With Lifestyle Changes

Coach Kela helps her clients heal infertility just like she did for herself -- through food, exercise, stress, and other important lifestyle habits. If you're interested in a non-medical approach, this session is for you.

Sophie Shepherd

FDN-P, Founder of SHE

The Link Between Digestion & Fertility​

A fascinating look at the digestive system and its relationship to reproductive health.

Mary Bruno

Creighton Practitioner

A Personal Journey Through Unexplained Infertility Into Helping Others

Mary shares her 20-year journey through pain, frustration, non-answers, and infertility to parenthood through adoption and helping others as a Creighton Model FertilityCare Practitioner.

Mary Martin

Vanessa Lamaro

Fertility Specialist Naturopaths

Creators of The Baby Builders

Authors of "Easy Natural Fertility Solutions for Unexplained Infertility"

How Everyday Environmental Toxins Influence Fertility Health...And What To Do About It

A discussion between two naturopaths about the most common everyday toxins that affect affect fertility.

Dr. Karen Poehailos, MD, CFCMC

NaProTECHNOLOGY Medical Consultant

Regional Medical Director Thrive Central VA Women's Healthcare

Progesterone & Pregnancy: Rethinking The Normalcy of Miscarriage

Progesterone support for preconception and early pregnancy support

Garry W. Lambert, D.O.

Anemos Medical Consulting and Natural Fertility Care

Acupuncture As A Complementary Treatment for SubFertility

Learn how the eastern medicine practice of acupuncture can integrate with a western medicine approach to restore fertility.

Kirsten Karchmer

CEO/Founder, Brazen

Health tech pioneer and author of Seeing Red

Explaining Unexplained Infertility

This session offers a simple, straightforward look at how we can use knowledge of the menstrual cycle to begin explaining unexplained infertility.

Dr. Pierre Cloutier

Medical Doctor, extensive practice in optimal physiology and bio identical hormones

When And How To Supplement Testosterone for Male Health & Fertility

Learn about the health and quality of life effects of low testosterone, and how to safely and effectively supplement.

Megan Ethridge

Lauren Hubele

Family Health Educators

Gemmotherapy For Reproductive Health

Learn about this little-known form of herbal medicine and how it can be used to help restore reproductive health.

Sherisa Rivera

Founder of Fertility in Colour​

A Personal Journey of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Into Helping Others

How one woman has turned her heartbreaking experience through 5 miscarriages toward a mission that no one ever feels alone in this journey..

Sylvia Kang

Mira, CEO

Navigating PCOS and Unexplained Infertility

This session identifies the 4 types of PCOS and what you can do to navigate fertility around this extremely common condition.

Kara Zick

Licensed Midwife, Vibrant Health and Healing

Viruses: Hidden Cause of Infertility

Kara shares studies that explore hidden viruses as potential causes in both male and female factor infertility.

Kirsten Karchmer

CEO/Founder, Brazen

Health tech pioneer and author of Seeing Red

The Way We Think Matters​

How changing thought habits can help you move away from surviving and into creating.

Dr. Craig Turczynski

Former IVF Provider, Director of planning and development, Billings Ovulation Method Association-USA

Effectiveness of IVF Compared to Restorative Reproductive Medicine​

Dr. Craig unpacks effectiveness and statistics and discusses other factors to consider when deciding between IVF and a restorative approach.

Marc Sherman

Founder of Organic Conceptions 

The Nine Key Emotional Transitions of Fertility

Learn about the first-ever research project to uncover the nine key emotional transitions of fertility and an evidence based approach to how your body is affected by your psychology.

Lauren Rubal, M.D.

Reproductive Endocrinologist, Former IVF Provider

Silent Effects of Different Factors on the Menstrual Cycle and Fertility

Dr. Rubal dives into a few of the "silent" causes of infertility.

Dr. Mary Davenport

Medical DIrector. Magnificat Maternal Health​

Insulin Resistance as a Treatable Cause of Infertility and Miscarriage

Dr. Davenport dives into understanding insulin's role in the body and how it could be a major factor for infertility.

Dr. Marcia Schaefer

Doctor of Chiropractic, DrMarciaSchaefer.com​

The Importance of Preconception Health and Epigenetics to Fertility​

Learn how improving overall health not only can heal infertility but has long-term effects on the health of children and future generations.

Shilo Stigen

CFO, Mystical Rose OB/GYN-

Theresa Stigen MD​

Cost Comparison of NaProTECHNOLOGY vs IVF​

Learn how a restorative approach to unexplained infertility compares financially to the assisted reproductive technology of IVF

Learn how you can uncover and treat the root cause of infertility, avoid invasive, expensive procedures, and have a healthier body and pregnancy.

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